Nassau Bahamas Accor Hotel

Island House is an award-winning luxury boutique hotel located in the heart of one of the world's most popular tourist destinations, on Nassau Island, Bahamas, just off the coast of St. Kitts and Nevis. Atlantis opened in 1997 after the former Paradise Island Resort Casino went bankrupt and the property was acquired in 1994 by the owners of Atlantis Resort & Casino, Inc. and its parent company Atlantis Hotels & Resorts, LLC. It also has a full-service wellness centre designed by Dr. John D'Agostino, a world-class designer of wellness and fitness centres.

Under his leadership, it has won some of Travel & Leisure's most prestigious awards, including one of Australia's top four, and been named a finalist for the Best of Best. The Island House is designed for visitors and the local community and is named after the island's most popular tourist destination, Nassau Island. Bahamian artists, highlighted by the iconic mural "Bahamians in the Sea" on the hotel's exterior wall, are distinguished by their high-quality contemporary design and contemporary art.

One of the features of Atlantis is the ability to observe and even participate in activities around the resort. Book at Atlantis Adventures desk and watch kids feeding rays, teenage girls feeding sharks and other wildlife in a free activity.

Then I saw Alaska Airlines had paper luggage tags open and a member of staff read my name on the trailer. Being addressed by name is a common occurrence, as employees read names and when they read your name, they are addressed as well.

I had a full balcony with chairs, where most rooms have space to sit outdoors. I had planned to go to my room on the second floor, next to the pool, but instead I walked through the resort and waited 30 minutes for something that would have been a 15 minute walk.

I had little insight into the food and gambling at Atlantis, but after going through the casino several times I did not gamble. The Atlantis is so small that I only walked around the resort on the grounds of the Beach Coral Towers on the fourth day. I ate in a restaurant on the second floor and then again on the third day, so I have little insight into the food or gambling in Atlantis.

In Las Vegas, Atlantis's goal seems to be to get diners to dine in the high-priced restaurants and bars. If beach baths are not your thing, Atlantis is not what you want in a seaside resort. One of the most annoying aspects of this resort are the pool times, which go from 7 pm to midnight (from what I read in the reviews) and then until 2 am in the morning.

My impression is that Atlantis is one of the most expansive hotels / resorts I have ever seen, but it is an expensive resort to experience. During my stay in Atlantis I kept my 20 dollars Internet fee per day on my computer. Suffice to say, there were three bars of soap that were not loaded into my luggage when I checked in.

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