Nassau Bahamas Marriott Hotel

Marriott International has announced the opening of the NASSAU Bahamas Marriott Hotel in Nassau, Bahamas. Located in the palm beach of Nassau Bay, the first hotel of its kind in North America, the hotel is located on the north shore of Nassu Bay in a remote part of the Bahamas.

Aquaventure, the property, is built on a 62-hectare waterfront that includes the largest water park in the world and the first water slide in the Caribbean. Falls Drop water slides are accessible from the Rapid River, while guests must leave their inner tubes. A unique, shell-coloured corridor with a view of the water, offering a fascinating view, sets special accents. It offers accommodation around AquAVenture on the 62 hectare and 154 hectare waterland, including an indoor / outdoor pool, spa, fitness centre, outdoor pool and sauna.

Note: The Atlantis shuttle service operates daily from 7 am to 9 pm and from 10 am to 5 pm and from 6 pm to 8 pm. Atlantis' shuttle service runs weekdays from 8, 21 and 22 am and on weekends and holidays from 7 am.

Therefore, villa assignments and special requests are only confirmed during the examination - in preparation. This results in a loss of priority for the fulfilment of a specific request and a delay in the confirmation that the specific request has been fulfilled.

All requests are subject to availability and are therefore not guaranteed, but the resort will endeavour to meet all requests. All requests are subject to availability, so no guarantee can be given and resorts will do everything they can to meet all other requests. Each request is subject to availability, so these requests are not guaranteed, but the hotels guarantee that they will make every effort to fulfill each request and that all other requests will be met.

If your arrival or departure does not coincide with the schedule at the reception, you cannot collect your bag so you can enjoy the resort facilities. Please indicate your planned or confirmed arrival date and check it in advance so we can better welcome you to the resort. Guests are invited to check in at 10: 00 local time, but can also request a late arrival time of 16: 00. M. or later if you check in after 4 pm. Other special requests made to resorts may be made at any time prior to your scheduled arrival date.

If you wish to use other transport options, the concierge can provide you with contact information for other reputable transport companies. Harborside Resort Atlantis offers transportation (extra charge) To and from all of our hotels and all other resorts in the Bahamas, no fees.

A variety of meal packages allow you to sample many delicacies, and the resort has an extensive menu and drinks menu, each with a unique and unique menu, such as the crystal confectionery store, which is prepared on site, as well as some of the most popular restaurants and bars in the Bahamas.

The Royal Towers shuttle service runs until 2 a.m., but owners and guests who require a barrier-free shuttle service should contact the concierge to pick up the shuttle driver at the time of your choice. Dining plans are offered at Atlantis Paradise Island and can be purchased online or in person at one of the resort's restaurants and bars. Choose from a variety of dishes such as buffet or buffet menus or buy a menu. Please consult your reservation source for more information on the cancellation policy applicable to Harborside Resort and Atlantis reservations.

For more information on booking a stay, visit or call 1-888-543-6555 or the Courtyard at Nassau Downtown or Junkanoo Beach. The on-site concierge is available to assist you with all hotel and restaurant reservations and any other questions you may have regarding your stay. For more information on reservations, visit

The beachfront location is ideal for business meetings, conferences, weddings and other special events. The well-equipped meeting room with its well-equipped meeting rooms can accommodate events for up to 1,750 people and fulfils all the requirements of a business meeting group.

The hotel also features a fully equipped, modern fitness centre and a trademark restaurant, open for breakfast and dinner. Four exceptional lounges include the newly furnished bar, the Stage Lounge with views of the casino and the casino bar, which places you right in the middle of the action.

The Rain Forest Theater serves a variety of dishes, and the cheerful Flamingo Bar & Grill ensures that you don't have to stray far from the water for a juicy lunch. Harborside Resort Atlantis offers the Pointe Restaurant & Bar, the bebes Sole Mare grill and a wide selection of drinks and sandwiches for a relaxing drink and sandwich treat. Rainforest Theater, while the Rainforest Theater and its outdoor terrace make it ideal for lunch and dinner.

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More About Nassau