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Just a week before the start of the annual Bahamas Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (BFF) national championships, the Bahamian Football Association (BFA) has been busy selecting a team to represent Bahamas at the 2017 World Cup in New York City. After their performance last month, president Joel Stubbs said they were looking forward to a competitive season this year. Over 30 of our country's top athletes will compete in the world's largest bodybuilding competition in Las Vegas, Nevada, from July 4-6.

If the 49ers make it, you can bet that Club Lit will be open for trading again in the Bahamas during the flare-up period. If you want to splash around on Grand Bahama Island, you will find a variety of events to spend a fun day. You can go deep into the water, go fishing with big game or go fishing in the bays around the island.

You can take a scuba diving course, rent equipment and see the amazing underwater world at sea, or rent a boat and enjoy some of the fantastic views from the beach.

re a beginner or have snorkelled all over the world, you will love snorkeling in the Bahamas. Whether snoring and diving, swimming with Sandy Toes Pig or a speed boat around the Bahamas: In the Bahamas, many adventures await you and every day of your Bahamas vacation is an adventure. Those who want to enjoy the sea view and relax can make many trips.

If you have a good sense of balance, windsurfing is certainly a great sport and one of the most popular sports in the Bahamas. Those who like a little adrenaline will feel at home with jet-ski, a classic water sport in the Bahamas.

Fishing is a way of life in the Bahamas, and the sport is ethical and fun. Fishing is a year-round sport in the Bahamas and there are different types of fishing depending on the season.

Turtles and dolphins are regulars in the waters of the Bahamas, and if you're lucky you can walk past a sea turtle or dolphin and just swim around. At the Nassau Blue Lagoon you can meet these friendly and intelligent creatures and swim with dolphins. If you really want to swim with sharks, you can snorkel or take a shark diving trip in the Great Barrier Reef National Park.

The lookout point on the Parasaile is perfect for waving to dolphins and beach-goers, and here at Sandy Toes we have our own lucky group of swimming pigs. These pigs live on nearby Rose Island and love to swim out to greet guests in the water. The Bahamas has some of the most beautiful beaches in South America and the world, so they are carefully maintained.

With so much to do and see, boat trips offer a way to visit the islands, swim and swim, see what makes this nation special, and visit some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Several bike tours use the favorable terrain of the island Grand Bahama to work during the vacation. It is not only an exciting experience, but certainly the easiest way to get a clear overview.

Sports enthusiasts can indulge their passions on one of the many beach volleyball courts on the island. On Taino Beach, which is normally played on Saturday afternoons, there are a number of beaches with a volleyball court, and there are also beach basketball courts on the beach as well as on other beaches in Grand Bahama.

Kayaks are versatile and can be enjoyed in both saltwater and freshwater. If the ocean waves are rough, you should take a tour of Bonefish Pond National Park.

Meet your guide at the ferry terminal of Paradise Island and take a relaxed catamaran to some of the best reefs in the Caribbean. When you dive deep into the turquoise waters of Grand Bahama, you will find blue bays that invite you to dive. The warm, lively waters in front of the island will reveal Caribbean Atlantis water landscapes right on the beach. Add to that the beautiful beaches, beautiful waterfalls and spectacular views of Nassau, Bahamas and you soon discover the world's largest water sports in Nassau's Bahamas.

This is one of the best places to try new sports and explore the underwater world, but there are seasons that restrict playing both in Nassau and Paradise Island. You can dive in almost any part of the world, including the Bahamas, but you need to get a permit directly from anywhere in the world to dive. A license is required to fish in Bahamian boats, and you are limited to the season to play, and there is no limit to the number of days you can dive.

Most of the hotels and beaches on the island behave like water sports companies, bringing everything for a day of water fun.

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